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Betim Shopping

Betim - MG

Located in the downtown area, Betim Shopping is the main leisure and entertainment center as well as the main shopping destination for the local population since 1998. With a varied mix of shops, the development has important anchors and a good infrastructure that guarantees both shops and clients all the comfort and security that they need.


Betim is the fifth most populated city and is the second GDP (R$ 28,3 bi) in the state, mainly because of the industry sector. The city is located 30 km from the capital, Belo Horizonte, but is considered within its metro region.



5 anchors

64 satellite stores

14 food stores

6 service stores

12,960 m² of GLA (gross leasable area)

600 parking spots

3 movie screens



Av. Edméia Mattos Lazzarotti, 1655

Angola, 32604-155, Betim, MG

​Tel.: 31 3495-4055


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Big Shopping

Contagem - MG

Big Shopping was inaugurated on October 27, 1994, and is located on Av. João César de Oliveira, Contagem’s main street. Designed to be a shopping, service, and leisure center, today, Big is known as the Shopping of Contagem for promoting culture and entertainment for the city and the region.
Always ready  to serve its clients, Big Shopping  holds hundreds of events every year, performs constant improvements in its infrastructure, and is constantly providing new shopping, service, and leisure options.



4 anchors

91 stores

2 floors

17,368 m² of GLA (gross leasable area)

800 parking spots

5 movie screens



Av. João Cesar de Oliveira, 1275

Eldorado, 32.315-000, Contagem, MG

​Tel.: 31 3391-3300





Shopping MinasCasa

Belo Horizonte - MG

Inaugurated in 1994, Shopping Minascasa is a mall segmented for furniture, decoration and household products. It was the first mall to have a street concept in the state of Minas Gerais, and it has a "small town" style, with architecture that is part of a rational and well designed project.


62 stores

1 floor

7,000 m² of GLA (gross leasable area)

308 parking spots



Av. Cristiano Machado, 3.411

Ipiranga, 31160-380, Belo Horizonte, MG

​Tel.: 31 3449-6000





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Shopping Paricá

Paragominas - PA

Paragominas is a city that has been experiencing impressive economic and income growth in recent years. Mining and agriculture are the two main driving forces behind this economic boom, creating jobs and increasing wealth in the city. Moreover, Paragominas is one of the first cities to join the Município Verde (Green City) federal program, which aims to put an end to local deforestation.


As the first shopping center in Paragominas, Shopping Paricá will meet the growing demand in the region with a modern shopping space that will feature a mix of qualified stores and extensive leisure area.



4 anchors

2 mega stores

1 entertainment center

1 hypermarket

115 satellite stores

14 stores in the food court

1,000 parking spaces

18,000 m² of GLA

1 movie theather (4 screens)

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Shopping Modelo

Castanhal - PA

Shopping Modelo will be the first mall in Castanhal, one of the five major cities in the state of Pará. Located 68 kilometers away from the state capital Belém and with an estimated population of 184 thousand inhabitants (IBGE/2013), Castanhal is a city with great shopping flow and rapid economic growth and it also directly influences another 12 smaller municipalities.


The shopping center will have the support of well known national and regional brands. The diversified mix of shops includes a hypermarket, an entertainment center, a well equipped cinema and several food court options.



6 anchors

2 mega stores

99 satellite stores

16 stores in the food court

1 entertainment center

1 hypermarket

1,100 parking spaces

20,000 m² of GLA

1 movie theather (5 screens)



Via Verde Shopping

Rio Branco - AC

Launched in November of 2011, Via Verde Shopping is the first Shopping Center in the State of Acre and it is considered a landmark for the State Capital – Rio Branco. Besides presenting population and economic growth, there is an important highway in Rio Branco that connects Brazil and the Pacific Ocean. All of that set up great opportunities for the city that are leveraged by the Shopping Center.


Via Verde Shopping presents many well-known brands never seen sold in the estate before and generates more than 2,200 direct jobs and 5,500 indirect jobs, according to Abrasce.



8 anchors

3 mega stores

120 satellite stores

20 stores in the food court

7 service stores

28,346 m² of GLA (gross leasable area)

1,200 parking spots

4 movie screens (3 with 3D exhibition)



Estrada da Floresta, 2320

Floresta Sul, 69912-900, Rio Branco, AC

​Tel.: 68 3302-1707


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